Ashland International Market Auction

Often imitated but never duplicated, Ashland International Market is a dynamic and innovative marketing system providing an auction for all types of items. Its main focus is on agricultural commodities. By delivering a secure system, Ashland International Market is a Secure Web Site Management that completes task safely, efficiently and effectively.


If you're considering selling by Auction your Cattle, Horses, Hay, Grain, Vintage Items, Vehicles, Trucks, Silage, Real Estate, Charity Items, Construction, Steel, Equipment, etc. on the internet, you may want see the many options Ashland International Market has to offer.

If you were to use Ashlands as your marketing tool, you may cut your cost by 75%!!!

Would you like to seek a peak and see how the market works (Click Here).

This market, if chosen to transfer funds has no commission for buyers and just 1/2 of 1% for sellers.